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L A T E S T  N E W S

03/05/19 - Anthrobsence 

We're stoked to announce our new EP is coming 2nd August 2019 💥🔥💥
'Anthrobscene' is all about the age of Human Obscenity in a digital world. This is our most diverse, creative & biggest EP yet. Each track weighs in at around 5 minutes or more and there's going to be 5 of them to get your teeth into. We're furiously working on getting one song completely finished & into your hands in the form of a single / music video - watch this space for that.
We've been busy working behind the scenes with Pedley Art since late 2018. We've admired their work from afar for a few years now and as we like to work with different artists we've given this chance to them to visualise what we're trying to do sound wise. Pedley Art completely smashed this one out the water and we have the below masterpiece... We cannot wait to get this into your hands!

16/04/19 - Amplified BOTB Final

Our biggest chance to play the mighty Amplified Festival UK is coming!! Come down and support us if you can in Bridgwater on Saturday 8th June 2019.
We're arranging a minibus from St. Helen's with limited space if you are interested in supporting us! More detail on this as soon as we've got something in stone.
Pray for us, as we go head to head against some mighty names Aonia, Concrete Kingdoms & Deep Throat Trauma ✊🤘🔥 #deified #amplified #amplifiedfestival

14/02/19 - New Artwork / Logo Designs

We finally have a very new logo which is all in keeping with our new look. The Symbol is our two D's wrapped around each other and we're loving the vibe it gives off. To celebrate the new look, we've got new merchandise that you can buy HERE!
Massive thanks to Pedley Art for creating this epic bit of art. There is more to come as they are creating our EP artwork.
All profits from sales are going towards us funding our new EP, and we cannot thank you enough for the support so far! 

04/02/19 - Tour Dates Announced

Gigs are starting to fly in for 2019, and we can't wait to see you there! We're bringing the riffs, thunder and merch! You can track us on Bandsintown, to find out exactly where we're playing, or alternatively head over to our Tour section!

01/01/19 - Pre-Production for new EP

We're well under-way with Pre-Production and everything is already starting to fall into place. We currently have 3 songs completed, and are hoping to complete another 2/3 to make a complete EP of our best material yet. More details coming soon! 

30/08/18 - Drummer joins Deified

Jordan Stanley-Jones finallly joins us today as Drummer! He was our first audition and we just couldn't say no! Jordan has played with a variety of different band and genres in the past but now has solidifed himself as lead rhythm producer. Welcome to the team! 

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