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I. Verger
II. Hellion
III. Ironbird
IV. Dead Inside
V. Visceral Plague 

Produced, Recorded & Mixed by
Matt Pike / Deified

Locations -
Deified Towers,
Mike Parker Studios

Performers --
Jamie Hughes – Vocals
Matt Pike – Guitar
Alistair Blackhall – Guitar
Tom Simm – Bass
Stew Brown - Drums

The Inhuman Manifesto is a dark, angry, philosophical and down right nihilistic collection of songs that reflect on some of the worst parts of today’s status quo. It targets key political figures, nuclear annihilation, conscious degradation and even things that have been happening in our own lives. Yet, the underlying tone of this EP is the strife to improve and the need for change. To pursue, conquer and persevere in an ever more increasingly messed up world.
Welcome, to the Inhuman Manifesto 


"There is no question that with management on board and some much overdue good fortune Deified can elevate themselves as high as they want within the genre"

- Metallum Sub Terra

"Right from the very first moments of the powerhouse opener ‘Verger’, it becomes clear that Deified are a band fully focused on moving themselves forward, as your brain is obliterated by a full on assault of ear melting metal. They have refined the sound from their debut album ‘Ascension’ and given it just the right amount of polish. There’s a cleaner feel all round and on Hughes’ vocals in particular, with tight riffs and frantic drumming holding the whole thing together"
- Totally Tankered

"It’s notable that Jamie Hughes’ vocals have hit new levels of Randy Blythe-esque power; snarly, shouty, growly (probably a little bit spitty), he sounds plenty pissed and has much to say about the cess-pool currently called ‘society’. Backed by a megaton of crushing riffs and gut-rumbling grooves, the result is a collection of tracks which may not offer anything particularly ‘new’ but do offer oodles of biting social commentary amidst a blitzkrieg of adrenalised metal diatribes"
- Worship Metal

Listen and watch 'Iron Bird' taken straight from
'Inhuman Manifesto' below. Lyric Video by Very Metal Art

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