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1. Prelude
2. Dark Desires
3. Broken Matrix
4. Enemies Within
5. Intermission
6. Apotheosis - Rebirth
7. Blood Under The Bridge
8. An Ode to Armageddon

‘Anthrobscene’ means a number of things to us. But at its core, it’s an attempt to get people talking about certain issues that surround us everyday and how these issues affect us (or will affect us), rather than just ignoring them and leaving future generations with the burden of our ignorance. It’s a call to arms and wants to encourage people to believe in a more conscious world. We can be better!

This concept mini-album has an overiding theme, but that theme overarches into the many issues that surround us in the current climate and how they affect us all. From governmental to technological issues, each song vents our own and others frustration with a world that everyday seems increasingly self destructive, underhanded and untruthful.
There is a light at the end of the tunnel! 


inhuman  manifesto


I. Verger
II. Hellion
III. Ironbird
IV. Dead Inside
V. Visceral Plague

The Inhuman Manifesto is a dark, angry, philosophical and down right nihilistic collection of songs that reflect on some of the worst parts of today’s status quo. It targets key political figures, nuclear annihilation, conscious degradation and even things that have been happening in our own lives. Yet, the underlying tone of this EP is the strife to improve and the need for change. To pursue, conquer and persevere in an ever more increasingly messed up world.

Welcome, to the Inhuman Manifesto




1. Alternation
2. Shitwreck
3. Ascend
4. Betrayed
5. Lo & Behold
6. Addiction
7. Wetwork
8. Immortal
9. No Solitude
10. Paralyzed
11. Crest Fallen

Ascension was Deified's first debut album & we released this in December 2015. Straight off the back of playing Bloodstock, we headed straight into the studio to complete a mammoth 11 track album. This was entirely self produced and portays the feelings and world around us at that time. We're super proud of this record and encourage you to have a listen on all the major streaming platforms